Work Visa

The purpose of the work visa category is to enable New Zealand businesses or organizations to fill skill-shortages or hire professionals who have specialized skills that can’t be sourced locally. In order to work in New Zealand unless you are a Residence Class visa holder you will need a valid work visa. There are several categories of work visas which enable non – residents to work in New Zealand as per the conditions imposed on their visas.

Every work visa application is assessed individually depending upon different factors such as the nature of your job offer, your employer’s track record in employment relations, your work experience, skills, qualifications, health and character, etc.

The main types of work visa options are:

  • Essential Skills
  • Work to Residence:
    • Long Term Skills Shortage
    • Accredited Employer
    • Talent (Accredited Employers)
  • Work Visa Based on Partnership



You must have NZD $4,200 in funds available to maintain yourselves during your stay in New Zealand.
The student may be eligible for a work visa open depending upon the location of PTE where they completed their studies. Student studying in Auckland will be eligible for one-year Post study work visa after they have completed the course (Level 5 and Level 6). A two years’ work visa may be granted, if the study was undertaken outside of Auckland and completed by 31 December 2021.
Your partner may be eligible for a work visa which allows a stay in New Zealand of more than six months. The eligibility of work visa may depend upon the partner’s visa status. Your partner and you must meet the minimum requirements of partnership, health and character.
Yes, a New Zealand Employer can hire a non-New Zealander if he is unable to find New Zealand Citizens / Residence Class Visa holders to work with. The employer has to provide evidence and meet the minimum requirements and provide appropriate documentation to recruit overseas workers. Employer must evidence the genuine attempts made by them to recruit New Zealanders.
This category allows a visa for applicants who are in New Zealand allowing them to stay and multiple entry travel for 30 months. The applicant must be aged 55 years or under, meet the requirements of health, character and being bonafide. The job offered to the applicant must be genuine, compliant with all relevant employment laws in force and for a period of 24 months in total.